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In review: Tobias Hurwitz "Shred Boot Camp"

In review: Phil Williams "Bass Guitar From Scratch"

In review: Stuart Bull "Rock Jam: Rock Improvisation Techniques"

In review: Kermheat "Humanchico: Live And More"

June-July 2012

Ripping Metal Instrumentals

In review: Stanley Jordan Trio "New Morning: The Paris Concert"

In review: De Ros & Bergozza "Pecas De Bravura"

In review: "Just Jamtrax: Peter Green"

In review: "Just Jamtrax: Scorpions"

In review: Paul Gilbert "Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar"

In review: Danny Gill "Quick Licks: Up Tempo Rock, Jimmy Page"

In review: Stuart Bull "Learn To Play AC/DC"

In review: "Just Jamtrax: AC/DC Vol. 2"

In review: Andy James "Quick Licks: Melodic Shredding, Steve Vai"

In review: Michael Casswell "Quick Licks: Rock Shuffle, Steve Lukather"

In review: Andy James "Quick Licks: Heavy Metal, Kirk Hammett"

In review: Danny Gill "Quick Licks: Up Tempo Rock, Joe Satriani"

In review: "Just Jamtrax: Guns 'N' Roses (Alt)"

In review: Stuart Bull "Learn To Play Santana"

In review: Jamie Humphries "Quick Licks: Slow Blues, David Gilmour"

In review: Danny Gill "Quick Licks: Up Tempo 8 Bar Blues, Gary Moore"

In review: Stuart Bull "Quick Licks: Latin Rock, Carlos Santana"

In review: Andy James "Ultimate Techniques: Speed Soloing"

In review: Danny Gill "Learn To Play Wolfmother"

In review: "Just Jamtrax: Stevie Ray Vaughan Vol. 2"

In review: Martone "Live In Your Face"

In review: John 5 "Requiem"

In review: John McLaughlin "The Gateway To Rhythm"

In review: Tomo Fujita "More Accelerate Your Guitar Playing"

In review: Robben Ford "The Art Of Blues Rhythm"

In review: Allan Holdsworth "With Alan Pasqua"

In review: Steve Stevens "Memory Crash"

In review: Michael Casswell "Quick Licks: Up Tempo Blues, Eric Clapton"

In review: Eric Gales "The Story Of My Life"

In review: George Lynch "George Lynch"

June-July 2012

Building on the last two columns, Mike wraps up the series with a G minor arpeggio progression.

June-July 2012

Having the ability to record your guitar parts very quickly and efficiently in the studio will maximize your music career opportunities.

June-July 2012

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas teaches you that practicing one thing affects everything else we play, for good or for bad.

June-July 2012

Michael Knight has a 4-note diminished scale for you to add to your repertoire.

June-July 2012

Here is a technique used by the pros to adjust a guitar neck for proper intonation.

June-July 2012

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney helps you get more fans to your shows when sending event invitations through Facebook.

June-July 2012

Music industry guru Christopher Knab reminds us we have to adapt to technological and economic changes, as uncomfortable as that may be.