The Undiscovered: Jeff Wahl

Jeff Wahl


Solo Guitarist Explores Jazz, Classical, Modern & World Music

Guitarscapes is the title of Colorado guitarist Jeff Wahl's collection of twenty-two solo guitar instrumentals, currently self-released on CD-R. The songs feature Wahl on both electric and nylon string guitar covering mainly jazz originals, along with four classical selections (including the ubiquitous "Spanish Ballad"), three brief modern acoustic numbers and an Indian raga, "India" which features all the microtonality you'd expect from such a piece. With an average track length of about 2:10, sometimes you're left with that 'now you hear it, now you don't feeling', however, one point is undeniable--the ability of Wahl to deliver engaging music to his listeners. He is an accomplished guitarist who plays to entertain, and Guitarscapes can certainly be enjoyed by a wide range of music fans.


Originally attracted to virtuoso heavy metal music in the '80s, Jeff gave up shred to study jazz while attending high school. After spending several years relearning to play the guitar, Jeff was offered a scholarship to study music at C.U. in Denver. He studied composition and guitar at C.U. from 1989 to 1994 when he received his Bachelor of Science. Jeff then taught, recorded and performed music in the Denver area until 1997 when he made the move to Fort Collins, Colorado, where he began to teach a new group of students.

Wahl continues to teach private guitar to 60 students in the Fort Collins and Loveland area--to his own benefit as well. He has stated, "I never really understood the guitar until I started teaching others how to play it."

Contact Information

Jeff Wahl
1730 W. Mulberry #3
Ft. Collins, CO 80521
United States