The Undiscovered: Man On Fire

Man On Fire


Dark, Moody Pop Meets Neo-Progressive Music

The eponymous debut album from Man On Fire is an ambitious amalgam of all the best elements of dark, moody pop, new wave, rock, and neo-progressive music. The sound borrows from an intriguing mix of sources -- a 'Japan' influence coming across particularly strong -- with Mick Karn-like fretless bass appearing throughout the CD. Eric Sands (from the Generation Ibanez Project) provides strong, heavy electric guitar work, broadening the audience for the Peter Gabrial-influenced material to include fans of ripping six-string solos. Keyboardist/vocalist Jeff Hodges assimilates and blends electronics with the brooding synth-sheened arrangements, which results in Man On Fire's neo-progressive categorization. Highlights include "Hanglider", a soul stirring instrumental with Sands' trademark soloing and "Internal Combustion", where Hodges lays down Geddy Lee/Robert Plant inflected vocals over the tight, spunky rhythm bed.


Man on Fire was originally formed in 1986 under the name Section 8, when keyboardist/vocalist Jeff Hodges began a songwriting collaboration with guitarist/bassist Eric Sands. The duo recorded demo tapes and entered band competitions in order to attract interest from record companies. Finding that a record deal would mean they would have to abandon the neo-progressive elements of their music, Sands and Hodges, decided to invest in themselves, building impressive home/project studios, and producing and recording their own music. Man on Fire was officially born in October of 1997.

Sands and Hodges have also formed their own record label, October Records, which is being managed by Steve Carroll. The new label also hopes to serve as a platform for the launching of other bands.

Contact Information

October Records
PO Box 335
Stone Mountain, GA 30086
United States

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