The Undiscovered: Robert Carlton

Robert Carlton


Sharing His Inspiration - With A Guitar

Guitarist Robert Carlton's first solo project, A Time Such As This, is an all instrumental release of songs ranging from rock, jazz-flavored rock and electric blues. Containing sixteen tracks, the CD is virtually 100% improvisational in nature. Carlton jams over grooves; he jams over chord progressions; he jams over arpeggiated passages; he jams over riffs. Although there are moments of melodic forays, there really isn't one melody on the CD that you can hang your hat on. As a result, A Time Such As This will appeal to fans of free-wheeling, off-the-cuff guitar playing. We'd love to see Carlton take a more structured and ambitious approach to his next recording project.


Robert, a seven time ASCAP songwriter award winner, has been featured in many publications worldwide since the beginning of his career in 1986. In his early years, he played with the rock band Empyre, which toured with groups such as Cinderella and Blue Oyster Cult. In 1992, Carlton decided that he wanted his music to have meaning beyond just the moment. Robert said of that time, "The Lord touched me and encouraged me to bring my music to a hurting world that needs Jesus Christ in their lives." Since that time, he has worked with Christian rock groups such as Sevenfold and Corban.

Carlton hopes to share his inspiration with others. "I hope and pray through my music, people's relationship with the Lord will become stronger," he states in his biography.

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Rob Carlton
P.O. Box 681
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