The Undiscovered: John Danley

John Danley


Post-Apocalyptic Acoustic Fingerstyle

Taking a complete and unpredictably creative approach to his songwriting and compositions, Nashville-based fingerstyle guitarist John Danley has recently completed his second CD, entitled Defeating The Elements. A follow up to 1997's "Postponing The Worm", the mostly instrumental release features distinct 6- and 12-string guitar work which has been likened to that of Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges. Danley also throws a few vocal cuts onto his CDs and into his live performances as an attention getting device, taking stabs at contemporary pop music with humor and a dab of cynicism. His acoustic guitar work deserves the attention however, a truly one-of-a-kind blend of American fingerstyle, blues, neo-bluegrass, bottleneck, jazz -- everything but opera and goth-rock. Catch a Danley live performance in the Nashville area if you can, otherwise, be sure to pick up one or both of his CDs.


John is a native of Alabama and has spent over 15 years performing in clubs, workshops, festivals and competitions throughout the United States. This exposure includes extensive airplay on syndicated radio stations focusing on folk, acoustic, jazz and world music. John recently completed a soundtrack for Alabama Public Television.

Danley is currently seeking artist management or label interest to promote exposure to fingerstyle compositions and alternative songwriting. He is also looking to continue his involvement with festivals, soundtrack opportunities in film and television, and other creative music projects.

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John Danley
2704 Belmont Boulevard
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Nashville, TN 37212
United States

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