The Undiscovered: Denis Taaffe

Denis Taaffe


High Energy Rock Guitar

Guitarist Denis Taaffe has recently wrapped up recording fifteen original instrumental rock songs and submitted an advance CD-R, entitled Modern Rock Guitar, Vol. 1: Abducted By Aliens. Taaffe is a fine fretburner, and the CD-R contains many relentless metal/hard rock grooves and some excellent solo phrasing. His compositional style is also noteworthy -- Taaffe uses dynamics to change the mood quickly in songs such as "The Reef". However, the drum machine sounds on the album ranged from mildly distracting to very distracting, sometimes making what should be a heavy groove into a lighter piece. Two of the songs contain vocals, and probably shouldn't, as they add nothing substantial to the performance. All things considered, Taaffe is off to a good start with his initial foray into production and recording.


Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Denis has been playing guitar for the past fourteen years. He has always been a big fan of instrumental rock guitar music and guitar music in general. Denis has always striven to emphasize melodic playing, unique techniques and solid guitar tones in his music. When it came time to record for his first CD, Denis was a one-man recording machine, playing all the instruments (including guitar, bass, vocals and drum programming) and recording the music in his digital 8-track based home studio.

Taaffe plans to manufacture CDs of Modern Rock Guitar, Vol. 1: Abducted By Aliens to be ready for release in late April of 1999. His song, "The Reef" will be included in the Roland VS-880 User's Group Compilation CD.

Contact Information

Denis Taaffe
619 South Ballantine Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47401
United States