The Undiscovered: Dave Morgan

Dave Morgan


Fingerstyle Acoustic...And More!

Full Circle, from guitarist Dave Morgan offers a collage of acoustic and electric instrumentals that combine elements of blues, jazz, rock and fingerstyle music. Primarily acoustic in nature, the CD contains thirteen strong melodic pieces reflecting Morgan's almost forty years of experience with the guitar. He uses an electric guitar as a solo instrumental or as supplemental coloration on several tracks, including "Peg's Waltz", "Oddbligatto" and "Scatbelly Blues". As the title might imply, the latter tune also contains a bit of scat singing, adding to the bluesy feel. Overall, Full Circle is a satisfying journey into Morgan's mind, and offers a lot for guitar lovers to enjoy.


Born forty-three years ago in East Liverpool, Ohio, Dave began playing guitar at the age of five. Well-rounded, he also integrated piano, trumpet and percussion into his repertoire, participating in band, orchestra and choir in high school. Dave later passed through a countless number of bands, but over the past seven to eight years has been focusing on fingerstyle guitar, alternate tunings and songwriting. Influences such as Phil Keaggy, Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges color his work, and his devotion to melody resulted in the songs making up Full Circle. Dave has also entered the "Guitar Wars" competition in Pittsburgh the past five years, always finishing in the top four.

Morgan is currently looking for management. Press kits are available on request.

Contact Information

Dave Morgan
P.O. Box 5255
East Liverpool, OH 43920
United States