The Undiscovered: Riccardo Ferranti

Riccardo Ferranti


Melodic Instrumentals From Italy

Italian guitarist Riccardo Ferranti is circulating a five-track demo on CD-R which consists of rock and fusion instrumentals focused on melody and composition. Utilizing both acoustic and electric guitars, Ferranti keeps his melodies simple and to the point, which is a large part of their appeal. All five cuts are memorable and distinct, and Ferranti has plenty of technique in reserve, which serves to enhance his well-crafted and rapid-fire solo assaults. The last three songs "Strange Day", "Anna" (dedicated to his girlfriend) and "Metamorphosi" are fine examples of Ferranti's melodic emphasis on quieter pieces, while "Summer Blues" and "Lights" give the guitarist to stretch out and just blow.


Riccardo began playing guitar at the age of thirteen, and now has over fourteen years of playing experience. He studied jazz and blues styles at the CPM school (jazz/blues/rock program) in Milano for six years. Riccardo now teaches what he was taught--he is employed as a guitar instructor at Accademia Di Musica Moderna in Piacenza.

Ferranti's future plans include buying a new computer, giga sampler, software, new mics, a new guitar--literally a new home studio. He hopes to continue teaching guitar and expanding his technique on the instrument, for the rest of his life.

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Riccardo Ferranti
Via Trivioli No. 2
25100 Piacenza

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