The Undiscovered: Torben Enevoldsen

Torben Enevoldsen


Danish Guitar Hero Releases Instrumental CD

Guitarisma is the strong debut of Danish guitar hero Torben Enevoldsen. Containing 12 hard rock and fusion tracks, the CD features 10 instrumental numbers and two vocal tracks sung by Kenny Lubcke (Narita), making for a varied and interesting release. Enevoldsen's superb technique sets the stage for songs displaying the guitarist's sense of melody and the atmospheric quality and depth of his compositions. Just listen to the beautiful change from heavy riffage to sensitive touches in songs such as "Time Ran Out". Enevoldsen will find hard rock guitar fans enjoying his rapid fret work and compositional angle on Guitarisma, a tasty instrumental treat.


Enevoldsen also produced the tracks comprising Guitarisma, in close cooperation with Jan Eliasson, who has produced Mind Funk, Pangea, Royal Hunt and Skagarack. The CD has definately placed Torben on the map, and is available in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Benelux with countries like Hngary, Japan and Canada to follow soon.

Enevoldsen continues to write music, perfect his guitar skills and work towards getting his name out in front of more guitar fans.

Contact Information

Torben Enevoldsen
Peter Bangs Vej 244, 2.t.v.
Valby, Copenhagen