The Undiscovered: Del Vezeau

Del Vezeau


Melodic, Challenging, Romantic, Fiery

Skillfully mixing classical, flamenco and world music flavors onto his new CD, Paradigm, Canadian guitarist Del Vezeau offers solo acoustic guitar tracks that invite the listener to share in a magical journey, as he stretches the preconceptions for both his instrument and his musical form. Dispensing with production enhancements such as overdubbing, Vezeau captures the intimacy of his live performances in his recording--tracks such as "Black Angus" and "Whispered" displaying stirring guitar work and an expressive array of subtle inflections. Another song, "Blackhash", refers to two disparate sources for it's title--Jimmy Page's work in DADGAD tuning on "Black Mountain Side" and the subtle Middle Eastern stylings of the piece. Paradigm will appeal to fans of evocative acoustic guitar played by a man who clearly demonstrates his passion for the instrument.


Del was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was introduced to the guitar at age 13, getting his initial instruction in music from his father. By age 18, Del was completely immersed into the instrument, and composed his first song a year later, "Father's Porridge", which appears on Paradigm. In 1994, Del performed in Guatemala City, where his DAT tape received some local radio play and he made an appearance at a televised music competition sponsored by Yamaha.

Vezeau's long term goal is to devote his full-time attention to music in the future.

Contact Information

Del Vezeau
673 Montreal Street
Kingston, ON K7K 3J3