The Undiscovered: Scott Kungha Drengsen

Scott Kungha Drengsen


Trance Ambience For Horizontal & Vertical Bass

For a truly spritual experience at the low-end of the sonic spectrum, check out Scott Kungha Drengsen's solo release, entitled Basscapes. Recorded mostly live in the studio, Drengsen uses a foot-operated phrase sampler/sequencer as a looper to 'overdub' as he plays. All guitars, sitars, chimes, steel drums, keyboards, strings, animals, spaceships and exploding stars on the CD were produced on the six string fretless bass or an acoustic bass. The tracks delve into trance and ambient moods throughout--Drengsen's bass conjuring up personal visions of the universe. Repeated listenings to Basscapes is likely to result in a profound meditative experience.


Scott started out on bass over 22 years ago with the goal of being the next Jaco Pastorius. His first bass teacher was a classical guitarist who stressed technique, theory, and reading. He eventually went on to study with Mel Graves, Kai Eckhart, Benny Rietwald, and Ashly Addams. Scott plays six stringed fretless bass guitar, doublebass, acoustic bass guitar, five and eight string basses, six string electric doublebass, oud, twelve string guitar, and efunctory keyboards and percussion. He's been known to attempt the four string fretted bass at times. Scott's main bass influences have been Scott Lafaro, Mick Karn, and Michael Manring.

Drengsen currently divides his time between being a bassist, a teacher, healer, and executive for Radiant World Records. He would love to collaborate with any artists interested in the support of a unique and inventive bass voice. Next up is a forthcoming CD featuring a duet with Michael Manring.

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