Sebastian Kalamajski

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April-May 2001

Swedish guitarist Sebastian Kalamajski takes his memorization ideas to the next level.

February-March 2001

Swedish guitarist Sebastian Kalamajski will help you strengthen the mind/fingers connection.

December-January 2000

Swedish guitarist Sebastian Kalamajski recommends you think before you noodle.

February-March 2000

Understand how your body functions when you`re playing guitar, and you can get out more of your practice routines.

December-January 1999

Think about it--how to use your head to help your hands.

June-July 1999

You don`t have to be a shredding, virtuoso guitar player to learn proper phrasing, and your solos will stand out from the pack.

Sebastian Kalamajski, a guitarist from Sweden, began his music studies when he was seven years old by learning how to play piano.

Sebastian is currently studying for M.D. as a biomedical scientist. His new, large (370 pages) digital book is just being published on his web site.

Sebastian Kalamajski

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