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December-January 2018
A look at the Guitar Nine organization six-strings and basses from 1980 through 2021.
April-May 2021

Sozens of articles on the subject of scales, scale patterns, scale connection and more.

June-July 1996

Share your knowledge of the guitar and music with the rest of the world.

February-March 2021

A wealth of information about chords and chord progressions for you to learn and master.

December-January 2020

A good guitar riff drives the song, and is often one of the most memorable parts of the tune.

October-November 2020

Tell a story with your music by the way you phrase notes on guitar.

August-September 2020

The word chromatic in music means two or more consecutive notes that are a half step from one another.

June-July 2020

The term arpeggios on guitar means to play chord tones (the notes of a chord) one note at a time.

April-May 2020
A look back at nine of the funnest and even funniest reviews from the Guitar Nine's "The Undiscovered" column feature.
February-March 2020
A look back at the critic's 19 favorite artists from Guitar Nine's "The Undiscovered" column feature.

Official press release for Dan McAvinchey's "Guitar Haus" CD.

December-January 2019
A look back at the Guitar Nine Attic Inventory of uncovered items, as of December 2019.


Guitar Nine is an online guitar e-zine site located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The site features guest columnists whose ideas help guitarists at all levels of ability, over 200 artist interviews, as well as a section devoted to introducing undiscovered guitar players around the world.

Also highlighted are links to other web sites important to guitarists, composers, and producers.

Guitar Nine

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