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August-September 2012

A Heaping Helping Of Shredded Bliss

August-September 2012

Warp-Speed Washington Shredder

In review: Frank Gambale "Coming To Your Senses"

In review: Ozric Tentacles "Aborescence/Become The Other"

In review: Santana "Viva Santana!"

In review: Ozric Tentacles "The Bits Between The Bits/Sliding Gliding Worlds"

In review: Bailey/Wooten "Bass Extremes: Just Add Water"

In review: Los Lonely Boys "Texican Style: Live From Austin"

In review: Andy James "Extreme Guitar: Extreme Tapping Techniques"

In review: Stevie Ray Vaughan "Live From Austin, Texas"

In review: Al DiMeola "Tour De Force-Live"

In review: Stuart Bull "Learn To Play 50 Killer Rock Licks"


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