The Undiscovered: Prashant Aswani

Prashant Aswani


Instrumental Jazz-Rock Fusionist Eyes The Future

California guitarist Prashant Aswani's debut recording Revelation is a definite statement of direction for the musician, as the nine blazing fusion tracks are a guitar lover's dream. Featuring Aswani's mentor, Greg Howe, as producer and performer, the CD expresses far-reaching and challenging rhythmic textures along with captivating melodies and Aswani's explosive technique. On the Howe-penned "Full Throttle" a mega-heavy rhythm bed provides the perfect contrast to the phenomenally fast and intricate lead work. Contrast that with a track like "65 Pushups", a funky-fresh phaser-dominated flight, with dazzling fretwork punctuating every section. Fans looking for guitar music served up on a silver platter should certainly check out Revelation.


Prashant's formal musical training began at the age of eight on the tabla, which gave him a solid sense of rhythm. At the age of twelve, he discovered the guitar, which quickly became his passion. Later, Prashant enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he was chosen as one of seven guitarists to perform at the annual "Guitar Night", representing Instrumental Jazz-Rock Fusion. In 1994, at age twenty, Prashant won "Bay Area's Best Guitarist" competition, sponsored by KSJO radio station and the band Aerosmith. In 1995 he was introduced to world renowned guitarist Greg Howe through Mike Varney. Since then Prashant has received advanced training from Howe and worked extensively with him on Revelation.

Aswani is currently seeking a record company to sign with that can promote and distribute his album. He is also seeking further endorsements from companies producing quality musical gear to add to his current endorsees: VHT Amplifiers, D'Addario Strings, ESP Guitar Co. and Seymour Duncan Pickups.

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