The Undiscovered: See What I'm Sayin'

See What I'm Sayin'


What They're Saying About These Michigan Bluesmen

Salute To The Blues is the grooving new CD from Michigan's See What I'm Sayin', a blues trio consisting of Jory Petiprin on guitar and vocals, "Smokin'" George Winters on piano and organ and Rob Shepardson on drums. Petiprin slips, slides and smokes over the eight tracks on the album, his guitar spewing dusty blues licks over the rock solid bed provided by Winters and Shepardson. Lovers of the organ will also appreciate the liberal Hammond B-3 solos ("Power Of The Blues", "Travelin' To California") provided by Winters, which are always delivered with deadly precision. Salute To The Blues is an infectious collection of blues numbers by these three veterans of the Michigan club scene.


See What I'm Sayin' was started when the club owner Winters was working for needed an act for a blues night. After a single rehearsal Petiprin, Winters and Shepardson were in front of an audience, and in Winters' words, "The magic flowed!" They continued to play more gigs as a trio, and later began recording in Shepardson's project studio in May of 1997. They took Petiprin originals such as "Mean Fickeled Woman" and "Ain't Nothing Like You" along with piano rave-ups such as "George's Boogie" and completed Salute To The Blues in October of 1997.

Winters stressed that Salute To The Blues is one of those projects that a band does just for the love of it. The band would love to see a blues-oriented label get interested in the music, but if it doesn't happen they'll still remain deservedly proud of producing a record of tunes they love.

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