The Undiscovered: Art Renshaw

Art Renshaw


Solo Guitarist Creates Unique Blend Of Musical Mediums

Jazz, classical, new age...pedestrian attempts to categorize the music of guitarist Art Renshaw are bound to fall short of describing the beautiful, unaccompanied, electric sounds emanating from Renshaw's Les Paul. The title of his new CD, Dreamtime, accurately describe the dreamy, yet dynamic and passionate songs, six of which are Renshaw originals. The CD also features cover versions of the Don Mock tunes, "Prelude" and "Ballad Of Triangles" and Pat Martino's "Country Road." Renshaw's singing guitar style perfectly compliments the material chosen for the record, and amazingly, the tracks on the CD were recorded with no overdubs, editing or outboard effects...completely live, in one or two takes each. Dreamtime, while falling outside of most genre parameters, is destined to appeal to fans of jazz and new age instrumental guitar.


Art Renshaw was born the only child to two successful fine artists. He spent the first eighteen years of his life in Australia, submerging himself in the local Aboriginal culture. Growing up in a creative household, and in such colorful surroundings, fed his passion for the arts. Renshaw has spent more than two thirds of his life playing music. Choosing to depart from his parents' world of painting pictures on canvas, Renshaw instead uses the hues and tones of the guitar as his palette and brushes, composing beautifully picturesque songs, reminiscent of his life's experiences.

Renshaw recently returned from a tour in Japan, where he was met by SRO audiences and standing ovations. While in Japan, Renshaw received press in "Jazz Life Magazine," who reviewed the concert and did an interview with the guitarist.

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