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Double Cross


Explosive, Contemporary Jazz With A World Feel

If you were to put Florida-based rock band Double Cross' latest album into a CD player, press 'random play', and attempt to describe their music, you could get any one of a half-dozen descriptions. To simply state that Stoned Kitty, (their 1995, 14-song release) is diverse would be a amusing understatement. The band does convincing Ratt-like hard rock ("Brother"), Survivor-style pop-rock ("Faith Of Heart"), acoustic ballads ("Autumn Days"), nine-minute epics ("Yesterdaze"), instrumentals ("Into The Distance") and more. Much of the lead guitar work on the up-tempo numbers splits between spirited, snarling improvisations and clearly executed dual-guitar interplay. Current Double Cross band members include Clive Leung (guitar), Richard Lingenfelder (guitar, lead vocals), Kevin Taylor (drums) and Mark Shilladay (bass).


Double Cross was originally formed in November of 1989 by guitarist Clive Leung and drummer Rob Mendoza. Double Cross was established to play at parties, but the band had begun writing original material by 1990. The band's first commercial release was "Windows", written and recorded in the two years after vocalist Richard Lingenfelder joined the group. Mendoza left the group in 1994 and his replacement, Kevin Taylor, joined in time for their second trip into the studio to cut the tracks for Stoned Kitty.

Double Cross continues to play between 60 and 70 live gigs a year in support of their recordings. A third album is in the planning stages, and some early studio work is expected to be completed early in 1998. Double Cross expects to someday make their mark on a national level.

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