The Undiscovered: Nobody's Hero's

Nobody's Hero's


More Rock 'N Roll Fun Than Ought To Be Legal

There is music released for fame, there is music released for money, and there is music that is released for the sheer fun of doing so. The music of Rochester, New York band Nobody's Hero's certainly falls into the latter category. What other motivation could there possibly be when the band promotes their latest CD, Outta' Time, by stating, "If you can't find anything on this disc you hate, you aren't really trying!" The CD, the music, the liner notes and the promos all seem to be designed to get you moving and to put a smile on your face. The music itself is suitably eclectic--how about 22 cuts of rock, alternative, metal, blues, cartoon fun, punk and hillbilly? Besides the levity, there are some genuinely good songs, especially the Who-meets-the-Ramones send-up, "Summertime Girls." Nobody's Hero's can rock like nobody's business.


Nobody's Hero's was formed when four hard-working men from Rochester decided they needed an activity to get away from the ten children, three houses and a trailer they had between them. After a promising start in 1981 playing the punk scene at local clubs and colleges, the band eventually drifted apart until one fine day in 1995, when Rick Kretovic, Mick Lethal and Bob Bauer went over to bassist Dave Schanz' house and began to rehearse and write songs. Someone had the bright idea to record and release a CD, and out popped Outta' Time. Well..that's what I heard.

In the band's words, "Nobody does this because Nobody cares. Because we mean what we play even if it's silly. Because people like you determine what sucks and what doesn't no matter how many times the same 30 songs play over and over on the radio. Because where else can four middle-aged working-class men from the West side of Rochester play rock star and be registered in the Library of Congress?" Besides that, there's always the groupies.

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Nobody's Hero's
121 Loyalist Ave.
Rochester, NY 14624
United States