The Undiscovered: Curtis



Instrumentalist Bridges Modern And Traditional Stylings

Curtis is a guitarist from California whose debut self-titled CD release sports thirteen instrumental tracks and two vocal numbers. Curtis features a heavy use of delayed guitar sounds on several of the opening numbers ("Wandering Spirit", "The Web"), which gives the music a Pink Floyd/David Gilmour quality. However, Curtis has a very distinct solo style from Gilmour, one which features smooth, liquid runs and greasy wah-wah tones. Curtis is also a very song-oriented instrumental album, with special attention paid to the groove and/or the melodic motifs in each production. Guitar fans will find plenty to hold their interest, as several of the pieces feature unaccompanied guitar. Overall, Curtis makes for great listening.


Curtis began playing classical guitar at a very young age on an acoustic guitar that his parents picked up in Tijuana. Despite breaking the guitar several times, he was denied a real guitar until he proved he could learn to play. Two years later, Curtis received his first electric, a Les Paul copy, and to the dismay of his classical teacher, began following Jimi Hendrix' influence. Later, Curtis played with several prominent L.A. bands before concentrating on instrumental music. He released his self-titled debut in January, 1998 and fifty percent of the profits from the sale of the CD will be donated to cancer related charities.

Curtis is promoting his new record by playing live in the Los Angeles area (Borders, Scruffy O'Shea's, The Mint) and his CD can be found at several Tower Records locations in California.

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