The Undiscovered: Wardance



Aggressive Yet Attractively Melodic Rock

After their self-titled, debut release in 1995, some new faces and an even more powerful sound mark Wardance' second CD, entitled Still. Wardance consists of the two original members Jim Reece (vocals) and Tom Cavanagh (guitar, vocals) and two new musicians -- Antonio Perez (drums) and Al Guglielmo (bass). Both are fine acquisitions and add a strong presence to complete this finely tuned band. Still is a "darker" sounding CD that is aggressive yet attractively melodic. With this release, Wardance has achieved what so few others among their peers have managed to accomplish: originality without compromise, eclecticism without confusion, and commercial music integrity without selling out one iota. Check out Cavanagh's fiery guitar work on tracks such as "Self Aware" and "Here I Am"--the man is able to adapt his technique to fit a wide variety of styles and moods.


Wardance is a shining example of what can happen when the right people get together at the right time. A powerful, passionate synthesis of an eclectic range of influences and experiences, the group has earned the respect of the music press, and an ever
increasing number of loyal fans. When the band's self-titled debut was released, no fewer than three major NY area stations - WBAB, WRCN, and WDRE - played cuts from the album to an enthusiastic listener response. Wardance also was able to accumulate an astounding amount of television exposure as well, including Long Island's News 12, The Carl Bruno Show, and New York's cable weekly underground video program WolfToob.

In a nutshell, Wardance stands poised to help put New York on the musical map.

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