The Undiscovered: Jeff Aug

Jeff Aug


Seductively Corrosive Solo Guitar

Jeff Aug is one of a number of guitarists (such as Jim Earp, Jim Graham, Art Renshaw and others), who have the confidence to get in front of an audience, acoustic guitar in hand, and nothing else. Well, not exactly. Aug represents the dark, mysterious side of the acoustic guitar camp, using a number of methods to twist or enhance the natural tone of the steel-strung instrument. Before Then After is the CD equivalent of a Jeff Aug live performance -- not a live CD, but Aug in the studio, breeding challenging guitar offspring with his 6-string Lowden and a handful of effects devices. Aug's music is intense and exhilarating; his futuristic sounds carry the listener to other worlds with their hypnotic swells and delay-drenched phrasing. Before Then After: seductively corrosive -- and a sonic breakthrough.


Originally from Washington D.C. and now based in Krugzell, Germany, Jeff is an artist delivering diplomacy with the guitar. His electric and acoustic playing styles include rock, goa trance, hip hop jazz, soul/R&B, electro-beats and fingerstyle. Jeff has done session work for television ("America's Most Wanted"), various bands and independent film ("A Passionate Cry", "Call Waiting"). He spent four years on the road with the DC-based rock group Sorry About Your Daughter, opening for bands such as the Scorpions and House Of Pain. Jeff did over 260 solo instrumental guitar performances in Germany, Turkey and the U.S. in 1997-98 and now is currently performing as a soloist. He also performs as a part of a duo with Gringo (turntables), and as the guitarist in the Corrosive Media Project, a demonstration of the ever-developing merging of Digital with Analog music.

1999 finds Aug continuing to tour and promote the music on Before Then After, nurturing his rapidly swelling fan base and thinking ahead to his next project. The next release due out in April of 1999 is called "Rocket", and will come out on vinyl in Germany and as a CD maxi single in the U.S. In April 1999 Aug will attempt to set the world record for the most international concerts in 24 hours, currently scheduled for
Saturday, April 10th.

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