The Undiscovered: STATE4



Electronica Meets Driving Instrumental Guitar

STATE4 is the self-titled debut CD from guitarist/composer Gnick (aka Nick Mitchell) from Madison, Wisconson. Gnick has chosen an electronica/ambient backdrop for the fourteen compositions comprising STATE4, which also incorporate influences such as techno, industrial, renaisssance and metal. Gnick brings an impressive sense of dynamics to his pieces, and the use of overdriven guitar on the progressive electronic material really makes this CD stand out from run-of-the-mill dance offerings. At times, the material evokes Tangerine Dream's more uptempo, guitar-flavored pieces, whereupon the dark and melancholy preludes snap you into the realization that you're listening to something quite original. STATE4 is a well-crafted sonic session that will appeal to keyboard music fans who appreciate the use of a real guitar to heighten the drama and to provide an aggressive aural counterbalance.


The history of STATE4 grew out of a failing industrial project that was formed by Gnick in the small town of Socorro, New Mexico. Dissatisfied with the direction of his music in this band, Gnick began writing strange instrumental songs that began to sneak into his live sets. Soon these songs replaced the band's repertoire and Gnick went solo. Today, after two years of solo work and a move to Madison, STATE4 has produced and DIY recorded over 30 songs.

STATE4 is continually looking to the future, beginning a network of collaborations with other artists, ever expanding their range of music.

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