The Undiscovered: Travis Larson Band

Travis Larson Band


Planning To Saturate The Instrumental Rock Scene

The Travis Larson Band comes flying out of San Luis Obispo, California with an impressive, self-titled debut recording containing fourteen tracks of rock-based instrumental fusion. The trio of Travis Larson (guitar), Jennifer Young (bass) and Dale Moon (drums) provide the precise maneuverability through sometimes intricate arrangements, while intelligent orchestration allows for an unlikely depth of sonic texture. This richness of sound is the result of a stubborn refusal to accept the limitations of the trio format. What it adds up to on the Travis Larson Band is some exciting music, as evidenced on tracks such as "Nut Boy", "Nameless" and "Morse Code". Larson is a high caliber soloist and his work on the Travis Larson Band CD should be carefully studied by fans of excellent guitar music. Kudos also to Young for her flowing bass work and production and to Moon for his tight drum performances.


In 1995 the Travis Larson Band released an EP entitled "Know Strings Attached", which led to opening slots for major label artists such as the Rugburns, the Beggars and Dick Dale. The group also performed live on several California radio stations such as KOTR 94.9 and WWBR 95. Jennifer also landed a feature article in Bass Player magazine as well as having several of her own articles published in Bass Frontiers magazine. When it came time to record their first full-length CD, Travis and Jennifer labored in the physical construction of Avalon Digital Recordings studio, trading three hours of their time for one hour of future studio time. This enabled the band to spend several months in the studio and produce their powerful debut album.

With the new album out, the band has set its sights on saturating the instrumental rock scene. As Larson puts it, "As long as I play music that I enjoy, I believe there will always be an audience for my style."

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San Luis Obispo, CA 93406-4803
United States

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