Guitar Nine's Attic: The Undiscovered Critic's Favorites

A look back at the critic's 19 favorite artists from Guitar Nine's "The Undiscovered" column feature. Hundreds of artists and bands were featured in "The Undiscovered" column from 1996 through 2007. The nineteen submissions here (in no particular order) were the favorite submissions as selected by the critics that heard them, and wrote their rave reviews.

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Flyin' Ryan Brothers: Legacy Of Great Twin Guitar Rock (Dec 2002)
Ron Jarzombek: An Arsenal Of Chops (Apr 2003)
Harri Stojka: Infectious Gypsy Swing Guitarist (Aug 2006)
Static: A Pattern Of Heavy Progressive Fusion (Oct 2001)
Chris Burton Jacome: A Modern Approach To Flamenco (Apr 2003)
Greg Skaff: Guitarist Leads New Organ Trio (Oct 2003)
Teja Gerken: Beautifully Intimate Fingerstyle (Aug 2005)
Steven Dillon: Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist (Feb 2001)
Tom Wolfe: Jazz Instructor Leads By Example (Aug 2000)
Aerial Acoustics: Dynamic Acoustic Duo (Apr 2000)
Matthew Von Doran: Pursuing His First Love (Oct 2004)
Jeff Miller: Multi-Style Instrumental Guitarist (Aug 2004)
Ivan Tucakov: Flamenco, Balkan, Persian & More (Dec 2006)
Grant Geissman Quintet: Audiophile Jazz/Fusion CD/DVD (Jun 2005)
Don Alder: Naughty, Wicked Fingerstyle (Oct 2005)
David Widelock: Soloist Adept In Jazz, Latin, Funk & Pop (Feb 2004)
John Hart Trio: Following His Vision In Jazz (Dec 2004)
LT: The Freedom Of Jazz Blended With The Foundation Of Soul (Jun 2001)
Chris Bergson: Jazz Guitarist Releases Second CD (Oct 2000)

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