The Undiscovered: David Widelock

David Widelock


Soloist Adept In Jazz, Latin, Funk & Pop

The Trouble With Fribbles is a CD-R release by Oakland composer/guitarist David Widelock, chock full of acoustic solo guitar interpretations (Lennon/McCartney, Thelonious Monk, Stevie Wonder, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Fats Waller, Peter Gabriel and more) and several original compositions ("Bagatelle #3", "I Remember The Empire State Building", "Eva's Song"). Widelock used both nylon-string and 12-string guitars on the eighteen tracks, which offer well-crafted arrangements, free improvisations, and harmonic gambits, while demonstrating his skill at styles ranging from pop and jazz, to blues and Latin. Fans of solo guitar will really find a lot to enjoy here; Widelock has spent a lifetime honing his craft, and The Trouble With Fribbles is really a rousing showcase for this talented string man. Highly recommended.


David has been performing in the San Francisco Bay Area since the early '70s. He has studied jazz guitar with Warren Black and improvisation with pianist Art Lande. David led his own trio for many years, and has performed in the Lejimda trio, which played at the first Bay Area Loft Jazz Festival in 1978. He also worked with Bamboo, which featured Mark Isham and bassist Bill Douglass. David has toured Europe numerous times. His first album, "Too Many Vitamins" was released in 1985, and a National Endowment for the Arts Music Fellowship in 1988 resulted in a quartet collaboration with pianist Jon Jang. As a composer, David is the author of over fifty jazz tunes for small ensembles, and he has written three pieces for large ensembles. From 1987-1992, David served on the Board of Directors of Jazz In Flight, a presenting organization for creative music.

Widelock is currently writing and arranging music for Bigfoot, a sextet project that combines elements of roots music and avant-garde, for Long Term Effects, his roots/pop project, and a solo acoustic guitar project.

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