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Flyin' Ryan Brothers


Legacy Of Great Twin Guitar Rock

For a great example of twin guitar playing, look no further than the Flyin' Ryan Brothers' latest CD Legacy. This mostly instrumental rock album was recorded by actual brothers, Johnny and Jimmy, who have decades of playing experience together, and have honed their double lead technique substantially over that time. Not only a superb recording for fans of the guitar, the pair are also creative songwriters and arrangers, keeping things fresh with a great variety of moods and rhythms. Everything from hard rock to Irish to Wishbone Ash-style rock to ballads are represented - with stellar musicianship the order of the day. Legacy is their third CD release together (their debut came out in 1996), and the Ryan's just continue to get better and better, in all areas of performance, production and composition. Highly recommended.


Jimmy and Johnny have played guitar together for over 25 years. They both started playing guitar in the late '60s. Jimmy and Johnny were 14 and 12, respectively, when they got their first guitars. With no formal training on the instrument, they were both soon playing by ear, imitating songs they heard on the radio. By early '71, Jim and John were in their first bands---already trying to outdo each other. At the same time, they began to exchange licks and jam together. They quickly realized that they could play harmony leads together very naturally. Over the following months, Jimmy and Johnny began to really hone their styles and formed a band with some local musicians called Westfall. This was the band where they really began to develop their double lead style, modeled after Wishbone Ash. In 1996, Jimmy and Johnny released their debut all-original recording project together, "Sibling Revelry", and the song "Struttin'" won "Chicago's Finest Fingers" Competition.

In 1999, their next full-length project, "Colorama", was released. Both CDs have received very positive reviews in the press. The due continues to write, play and record.

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