The Undiscovered: Ron Jarzombek

Ron Jarzombek


An Arsenal Of Chops

Assaulting the instrumental rock guitar fan with shredded bliss is Ron Jarzombek's CD Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement, laying out 45 songs (and 'songlets') over 45 minute time span. If you remember 4th grade math, that's about a song a minute, with "Snuff" taking long song honors at a whopping 2 minutes and 46 seconds. What you get is a taste of incredible virtuosity that changes emphasis at a dizzying pace - never ponderous or boring, just high-tech, high-energy guitar work and rhythmic intensity. Jarzombek keeps the creative level high by including tracks in 5/4 ("Gimme 5"), 'spelling' out his name using the 'diatonic alphabet' ("In The Name Of Ron"), and two-handed tapping duels ("Battle Of The Hands"). Highly recommended.


Ron is one of the most respected and admired guitar players in progressive rock and metal circles and has developed a large and very devoted following ever since the release of fusion metal trailblazers WatchTower's seminal "Control & Resistance" album. He has been featured in specialty magazines such as Guitar Player and Guitar World, as well as countless other major music publications around the world. 1993 saw the inception of Ron's current project, Spastic Ink, who've recently reissued their 1997 release "Ink Complete". With WatchTower, he made a much-talked about appearance at Germany's prestigious "Bang Your Head " festival in 2000.

Jarzombek is currently finishing up the second Spastic Ink album, '"nk Compatible", as well as working with WatchTower on their highly anticipated comeback album, "Mathematics".

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