The Undiscovered: Static



A Pattern Of Heavy Progressive Fusion

Patterns is the instrumental debut release from New York's Static, a project band consisting of guitarist Mike Fortin and drummer David Penna. Assisted by Rob Epstein on keyboards and bass and Fabrice Francese on bass, the duo whip through eight heavy tracks which feature full-throttle shred with progressive and fusion leanings. Fortin is capable of absolute guitaristic mayhem, as every technique essential to over-the-top playing can be found in his arsenal. Songs such as "Mespotamia" and "Ghost Companion" document Fortin's abilites, which are formidable, to say the least. Fortin also has a compositional knack for incorporating unexpected heavy rhythm breaks into his tunes, which are always welcome in rock instrumental works. Mastering both rhythm and lead playing doesn't leave room for much future improvement, however it just means that Fortin can focus on expanding compositionally. What a nice position to be in. Highly recommended.


Guitarist Mike Fortin started playing guitar on his 15th birthday, studying with local instructors in Daytona Beach, Florida. He spent countless hours practicing in his bedroom, inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden and AC/DC as well as the whole Shrapnel scene. In college, Mike started a couple of original bands but found it an exercise in frustration. He later moved to New York and hooked up with the progressive band Strange Embrace, gigging and recording for four years. Mike then took a short hiatus to record some instrumental tunes under the name of Sonic Texture. He also was able to take a few lessons with Greg Howe, through the help of Prashant Aswani.

Fortin and Penna have teamed with Jon Modell (Spooge) in a heavy type of project, and are currently writing tunes and looking for a singer.

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