The Undiscovered: Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller


Multi-Style Instrumental Guitarist

If you were to hear "Game Music" followed by "Blackberry Blossom" off Ohio guitarist Jeff Miller's new CD, Fly By Wire. you would be forgiven if there was no way you could believe it was the same guitarist. Variety - thy name is Jeff Miller. Here's a guy who delves into country, blues, jazz-fusion and hard rock, using techniques like string-skipping, double-stops, bluegrass inspired melodic lines, blazing fast scalar passages, soulful blues licks and jazzy chord comping - in short, the kitchen sink - and he's got them all mastered and available in his musical toolkit at all times. You'll hear it all on Fly By Wire, fourteen instrumentals that run a gamut of styles, with a clean production, memorable melodies, solid drumming by Michael Scott, and that all-important intangible - attitude. Highly recommended CD for guitar fans open to a large variety of styles on one album - that's not everyone, but if it describes you, you're in luck!


Jeff has been playing guitar and performing for over 20 years. He has played in a variety of bands. His music influences include bluegrass, country, jazz, blues, rock and metal. Jeff's main guitar influences include Tony Rice, Roy Clark, Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, Eddie Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson and Brent Mason. Jeff began playing guitar by learning country and bluegrass standards. In his early years, he was primarily influenced by his parent's record collection. This included Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, Porter Wagner and others. Jeff played in bands in his teens, then later studied players such as Eddie Van Halen and Paul Gilbert and began a six-hour per-day practice regimen. He was featured in Mr. Varney's "Spotlight New Talent" column in Guitar Player magazine in 1991 and in the "Hometown Heroes" column in Guitar World magazine in 1992. When grunge became popular, Jeff decided it was time to get back into country music again.

Miller is currently performing with an eight-piece band that includes a horn section. They perform in many large venues in the Cincinnati area.

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