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February-March 2021
James Rosocha

Here is a minor cadence used in hundreds of Real Book tunes.

August-September 2020
Guitar Nine

The word chromatic in music means two or more consecutive notes that are a half step from one another.

August-September 2020
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Strengthen your upstrokes so they are as strong as your downstrokes.

June-July 2020
James Rosocha

Resolving to the 3rd of the chords in a chromatic fashion.

February-March 2020
Tommaso Zillio

Creating unlimited licks using the pentatonic scale.

December-January 2019
Tommaso Zillio

The pentatonic scale contains 5 notes; the melodic combinations you have to work with are endless.

February-March 2018
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike shows you several ways to spice up your riffs, lines and solos with some chromatic passing tones.

April-May 2001
Scott Hughes

Break out of those ol` common scales with Mr. Hughes.

October-November 2001
Salvatore Vecchio

An Italian guitarist is prepared to expand your chormatic awareness.

April-May 2002
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike returns with some ideas on how to incorporate half-tones and other non-scale notes into your lines.

December-January 2005
Sven Stichter

Scare your audience (or even make someone hurl) with this ascending (yet descending) pattern.

April-May 2006
Alan Williamson

UK guitarist Alan Williamson shows you how to use more fingers, tones and frets in your licks.


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