James Rosocha

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April-May 2019

Gaining knowledge of all the chords, triads, and arpeggios that are built from the major scale.

December-January 2018

Altering the sound of the pentatonic scale by plugging in an additional note.

October-November 2018

An endless variety of melodic phrases can be derived from the permutation of chord tones.

June-July 2018

Additional rhythmic variations to practice using the pentatonic scale as the vehicle.

April-May 2018

Rosocha teaches permutations - altered scale shapes based on fretboard position.

December-January 2017

Melodies are what stick in the listeners mind and convey passion and emotion: creating coherence in your solos.

Bassist James Rosocha is an educator, composer, and touring musician.

He can be heard on the last nine albums by jazz fusion guitarist B.D. Lenz or on his debut CD “Avalon.”

James Rosocha

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