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April-May 2012

You need to roll up your sleeves. Play well, have a great sound and offer a proper show - not just a demonstration of your skills and abilities.

June-July 2011

I got picked up by Mike (McDowell) at Shred Guy; apparently Mike was interested in adding a "fusion" flavor to his rather "metal" guitar-oriented label, and my sound seduced him.

February-March 2011

To play in places where they cannot pay the expenses for an entire band, I travel with only my guitar and a CD where I have my own backing tracks. And I noticed that the public reacts very well to these concerts!

February-March 2011

Well, the Internet is a great thing, everyone now can have their own spot and sell their music. But it is becoming a jungle where everyone just thinks about themselves. There is too much quantity, and too little quality; too much competition instead of collaboration.

December-January 2009

I like to compose instinctively. First of all, I imagine a theme to follow up, as if I was writing a story, using my guitar instead of a pen, and from that point on, it`s all about improvisation.

June-July 2009

We decided to write something and we asked Gian to join this project. We were looking for something different to create separation between us and the other thousands of shredders in the world, so we decided to use the 8-string guitar.

April-May 2009

Try to become a better musician every day. Listen to music actively - try to understand what those great musicians felt when they wrote your favorite song or played your favorite solo.

April-May 2009

When you play with somebody else, you have to worry about playing well and being in your place at every moment. When you play your own songs, in any venue, you show how you are, because they are your own work.

December-January 2008

I will be back doing more instructional videos in January with Joe Satriani. I can`t tell you how humbling it is to work with one of your mentors. Simply unbelievable!

October-November 2008

I titled my songs to represent varying degrees of thought; for example, "The Afterlife" is a musical speculation on what it would sound like on your spiritual journey to the next world, if there is indeed one!

October-November 2008

When Mike Varney got a copy of my mostly acoustic solo record and signed me, he suggested doing more metal. I was thrilled because at that point in time it seemed nobody cared for metal solos.

October-November 2008

The fact that downloading is a problem can`t prevent you from doing music. And you are right, a lot of guys are actually releasing their first albums, but that doesn`t mean they are good or different from what`s been done before.


Guglielmo Malusardi has worked as an interviewer for Italian guitar magazine Axe and other music magazines.

He co-organized the Guitar Day in Milano over 7 years, 3 editions of the Chitarelor in Bucharest, Noche de Guitarras a Peralta and the great “Not Dead Yet” tribute festival to Jason Becker in Harleem.

Guglielmo Malusardi

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