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June-July 2006

When I turned 19 I realized that I was in love with guitar and I wasn`t doing anything else but practicing all day. Only then I understood that nothing could make me any happier than music!

June-July 2006

Keep playing, keep trying new things as well as listening to and learning the old ones. Try to listen and play with your heart. Play with other musicians as much as possible and when you are getting good enough, be heard in public as much as you can.

June-July 2006

I listen to all types of music, which helps me to keep up with the times, above all rock-fusion jazz, blues, and some Italian bands like Negramaro and Neutra.

February-March 2006

On every album I try to compose songs that fit together and record the album using a wide range of emotions and atmospheres. If I have enough speed/technique songs, I`ll work on an atmospheric one, or an acoustic number.

December-January 2005

Guitar music isn`t for everybody. Can`t expect to sell as much as pop vocal music, and that`s OK. Guitar music is for those who enjoy it, and it`s great that Guitar Nine Records gives us a place where we can easily get it.

June-July 2005

This is one of the great things about being an artist on Favored Nations. I am in control of my art. When I write songs, I never think about how long a song is - my songs and arrangements are done the way I envision it.

June-July 2005

Music is the highest form of art. It is the most abstract art, while being the one that reaches deep emotions in all of us. Instrumental music is Pure Music. It gives to the listener only vibrations to get inspired and emotional.

April-May 2005

Bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit really reminded people that the guitar is something that a band is built around. The fact the you go to a G3 show and see so many kids lets you know that there is still a very strong interest in "guitar" music, and I think it is growing, not declining.

February-March 2005

When I was a student I worked hard on exercises and all that, but now I just play or rehearse my repertoire...Although I am also still teaching, so I¥m constantly recalling all the old exercises - no way of getting out of them!


Guglielmo Malusardi has worked as an interviewer for Italian guitar magazine Axe and other music magazines.

He co-organized the Guitar Day in Milano over 7 years, 3 editions of the Chitarelor in Bucharest, Noche de Guitarras a Peralta and the great “Not Dead Yet” tribute festival to Jason Becker in Harleem.

Guglielmo Malusardi

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