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October-November 2008

I titled my songs to represent varying degrees of thought; for example, "The Afterlife" is a musical speculation on what it would sound like on your spiritual journey to the next world, if there is indeed one!

August-September 2008

It is all about the music, which can be similar to some people, but for me, it`s really different. Also, the attention of the crowd is different. The trio format demands more from each musician as well.

June-July 2008

To be a musician, especially in countries like Italy where music is not treated like it deserves, it`s a hard job. Every day you have to wake up and learn, you have to be prepared, you need to be professional.

April-May 2008

I think that the song itself is the most important thing, because what we remember after the listening of a track is not a shred phrase but the central theme.

April-May 2008

I love live performances. If they come out well, they capture the beauty of improvisation. That is one of the things that I love about music and this band, the moments of improvisation that change from gig to gig are wonderful.

December-January 2007

I like to compose instrumental songs, without the use of words, to communicate my emotions and my way of life. I`m not a singer, but I`m a guitarist, so I try "to speak" with my guitar.

December-January 2007

My favorite album is "Phoenix Rising". The expectations after the success of "Into The Eye Of The Storm" were high, but everyone was highly motivated and we really put everything into it.

June-July 2007

I advise to all those who can, to work in their own recording studio, so you can be free from conditions such as timetables and costs! I opened my studio in 1996 when I worked doing TV spots and was tired of spending money and time at other recording studios.

December-January 2006

I don`t care if things could go wrong because the most important thing is that someone like Mike Varney believes in me and in my music.

October-November 2006

You know, what`s really weird about me is that I`m an artist, I consider myself as an artist and musician first, and a guitar player secondly, you know, guitar is not the thing that motivates me. Music is.

October-November 2006

Having Steve Vai`s name associated with my project helped my credibility in the guitar community. I have a lot of respect for Steve, not only as a musician but as a businessman. I knew I could learn a lot - and I have!

August-September 2006

Music is one of the deepest forms of communication and when you stop focusing on trying to impress people and focus on trying to communicate with them, it goes to an entirely new level.


Guglielmo Malusardi has worked as an interviewer for Italian guitar magazine Axe and other music magazines.

He co-organized the Guitar Day in Milano over 7 years, 3 editions of the Chitarelor in Bucharest, Noche de Guitarras a Peralta and the great “Not Dead Yet” tribute festival to Jason Becker in Harleem.

Guglielmo Malusardi

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