Dan McAvinchey

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December-January 1996

I was offered a couple of small record deals, but the contracts were ridiculous so I invested my own money, and it`s starting to pay off. At least this way you own your product.

December-January 1996

A Javascript-powered worksheet designed to help a record label estimate costs, price CDs and cassettes, and compute potential profit for a recording project.

December-January 1996

An introduction to the world of copyrights and publishing. It`s not hard at all to protect the songs you`ve written, and you may be surprised at the various ways your original compositions can earn money for you.

December-January 1996

Javascript-powered calculator automatically gives you the proper delay times to match the tempo of your music.

February-March 2018

Chock full o` ideas for promoting and selling your new record, and building a fan base.

December-January 1996

Ideas for improving your recorded guitar sound.

October-November 1996

Call-and-response practicing to enhance your phrasing and composing.

October-November 1996

Stop strumming those simple barre chords, and embellish your chordal work with licks and phrases that blur the distiction between rhythm and lead guitar playing.

December-January 2017

Don't fall into the same old trap of convincing yourself that now is not the time.

October-November 1996

Stuck recycling the same licks and riffs? Dig yourself out of your guitar playing rut and rediscover the instrument you love.

October-November 1996

McAvinchey dips into his magic bag to bring you 16 tips you can use today to improve your tracks.

October-November 2017

Not quite ready to release that record yet? You may be underestimating yourself.


Dan McAvinchey is a guitarist and composer living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to write, record and release their own music.

Guitar Haus

His 1997 CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

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