Interview: Lucas Fagundes

Dan McAvinchey: Lucas, congratulations on "Spaces & Times". When did you start working on the tracks for this album, and what was your goal this time around?

Lucas Fagundes: Thanks, Dan. Most of the material was written exclusively for "Spaces & Times". I wanted it to have my own voice and style. If there was a goal, that was it. Being an independent musician, I'm free to experiment and seek originality. This time I wanted to present something that is new, while still dedicated to a music genre I grew up listening to. I believe there are unique elements to it, and I'm grateful others can relate to it as well.

Dan McAvinchey: What did you do differently on "Spaces & Times", compared to your previous album?

Lucas Fagundes: Well, I recorded my first album when I was 17. I'm 28 now. I want to avoid saying that the composition and guitar playing style "matured", they have just changed. I put out a solid debut CD and most listeners are already used to that kind of guitar music. Then I moved into first take solos and radical song structures. I really like the playing in both of them, but "Spaces & Times" is more of the musician I am now. The recording, gear and post-production process has also been completely different.

Dan McAvinchey: Has your approach to constructing a great solo changed over time?

Lucas Fagundes: Yes, it is constantly changing. In the end, there is only one way to get that perfect piece of music that is missing. Which method is it going to be at the time, I don't know... this release is based more on improvisation and spontaneity, for sure. The truth is there is no right way, a great solo is a great solo.

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Dan McAvinchey: How did you get the word out there about your new album?

Lucas Fagundes: I didn't. It's been exclusively social media and word of mouth. Most press platforms got to know "Spaces & Times" just recently, and that's OK. I have been getting great feedback and a huge growth on social media, though. To me this proves quality is still the most important thing and can go a long way on its own.

Dan McAvinchey: Which social media sites in particular are you using?

Lucas Fagundes: Mostly Facebook. It is very popular in Brazil.

Dan McAvinchey: How is the concert scene right now, will you get the opportunity to perform these new tracks in front of an audience?

Lucas Fagundes: Sure, I've been planning a concert and a few trips. I have toured in the past, but the big audience for this style of music, for an independent musician like me, is still the web. This has been the priority for now.

Dan McAvinchey: Beyond what you've accomplished on your solo albums, do you find work in other musical areas or styles?

Lucas Fagundes: I'm an accomplished guitar teacher here in Brasilia, it's my full time job. In the past I've recorded and played every kind of music, rock, Brazilian sertanejo - you name it - but not anymore.

Dan McAvinchey: Does the fact that the majority of music now is consumed through downloading of mp3s rather than physical media change the way you prepare and record an "album"? Does the concept of an album have the meaning it once did, when an artist can release a couple of tracks at any time?

Lucas Fagundes: I chose to release "Spaces & Times" as an album and no tracks were brought to public before its release. The booklet that comes with it is killer as well, featuring comments on each one of the tracks and extensive artwork. It's a different product than an album released online, track by track, or something like that. Which one of these products is cheaper, or which one works better for marketing nowadays, that's a different story. But this is just a consequence of what has become of the business and it's not necessarily bad.

Dan McAvinchey: If a fan of guitar music has never heard of Lucas Fagundes, what are the two or three tracks off of "Spaces & Times" that you'd prefer a busy, distracted listener would have to hear?

Lucas Fagundes: "On & On", "Stoner Mantra" and "Shifting".

Dan McAvinchey: Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2015 and beyond, what's on your musical agenda?

Lucas Fagundes: It's going to be a year for videos and of material in support of "Spaces & Times". You can check some of the new stuff on my Facebook page. Thanks for the interview and see you next time.

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Brazilian guitarist Lucas Fagundes recorded tracks for his own self-titled CD in 2007 at the age of 17. His debut was a true journey through an instrumental soundscape that unites taste, creativity, skill and sensibility in its own unique way. Now in 2015, Fagundes has returned with a brand new album, entitled "Spaces & Times", which is already reigniting his fan base.

Dan McAvinchey recently conducted this virtual interview with Fagundes, and they discussed the music, the business, and the future.