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December-January 2017
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike teaches you scale sequences (in the Hanon style, adapted from piano) that are great for your dexterity and precision.

December-January 2017
Luca Sellitto

These exercises will help you to focus on string crossing with alternate picking, and also to help you develop left/right hand synchronization, speed and stamina.

December-January 2017
James Rosocha

Melodies are what stick in the listeners mind and convey passion and emotion: creating coherence in your solos.

December-January 2017
Tommaso Zillio

There's a chance you have too many unfinished songs sitting on your computer, or maybe even on your bookshelf - let's finish them.

December-January 2017
Tom Hess Opus 2

Anyone (including yourself) can learn to develop creativity by using the proven methods and strategies for reaching this goal.

April-May 1997
John Kiefer

An original work (part one of two preludes) composed for solo electric guitar, in tabulature and standard notation.

October-November 1996
Kevin Hammer

Some creative uses of digital delay when writing or recording.

October-November 1996
John Kiefer

Tips for playing arpeggiated chord progressions using string skipping.

December-January 1996
John Kiefer

An arrangement of the Tchaikovsky piece for solo guitar, in tabulature and standard notation.

August-September 1997
Paul Kuntz

New Jersey guitarist Paul Kuntz takes time out from lunch to give you his assurance that there is life beyond the blues scale.

April-May 1997
Chris Brown

Don`t let your current concept of reality dominate your guitar playing.

August-September 1996
Arnold Schulman

Arnold Schulman discusses lyric writing for the beginner.


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