A Slight Disagreement

Following is an original composition for solo electric guitar. "A Slight Disagreement" is the first of my "Electric Etudes".

Performance Notes:

  • The piece is primarily in the first position.
  • Accent all picked notes
  • Work with short sections at a slow tempo. When ready, increase tempo, and move on.
  • Bars 34 and 35 require an unusual combination of barring and slurs - this will probably take some time to master.

Dial up your overdriven tones and check it out!

Slight Page 1

Slight Page 2

Slight Page 3

John Kiefer is a 1989 graduate from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood and is the composer of "5 Animations for Guitar Solo".

His music appeared in Guitar Nine premier Undiscovered column (August, 1996).

His latest project is Spiral Suite, a CD for Dingo Digital Records scheduled for release in 1996.

John Kiefer