Simon Candy

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December-January 2017

A technique that allows you to play both the melody and accompaniment parts of a blues tune at the same time.

October-November 2017

Don't go with what feels easy as opposed to what is right.

August-September 2017

Studying other styles of music such as jazz, will only make you a better, more rounded acoustic guitar player and musician.

June-July 2017

In part 3, you`ll learn how to easily play fast solo lines and riffs on your guitar.

April-May 2017

In part 2, you`ll learn how to create amazing blues guitar solos using open strings.

February-March 2017

How to create amazing guitar solos using open strings and pentatonic scale patterns.

December-January 2016

Drastically improve your acoustic guitar playing with these easy to play, advanced sounding chords.

October-November 2016

Harp harmonics never fail to immediately grab the attention of those who hear you play them, leaving them spellbound by what they just heard.

August-September 2016

You maybe missing out on a massive range of sounds that you just can`t get otherwise.

April-May 2016

Three cool ways to approach the rhythm of a 12 bar blues - take to your next jam and blow everyone away.

April-May 2016

How studying other instruments will make you a better, more creative, and superior acoustic guitar player.

February-March 2016

How to carefully observe and learn from the vast library of existing unplugged acoustic songs out there.


Specializing in online acoustic guitar lessons, Simon Candy is based in Melbourne, Australia where he runs his own guitar school.

Simon Candy

He has taught guitar for over 20 years to people of all ages and levels covering a variety of styles including blues, rock, jazz, and fingerpicking.

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