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October-November 2020
Guitar Nine

Tell a story with your music by the way you phrase notes on guitar.

February-March 2006
Dan Keller

Need more ways to make a simple melody more interesting? Let the Sultan of String show you how.

February-March 2010
Scott Allen

Scott`s tackles the unteachable, and talks about adding bends, slides, and killer vibrato to your solo work

October-November 2013
Tom Hess Opus 2

Many guitarists play truly inspiring guitar phrases without playing in a very technical manner, and you can do this to when you follow the steps in this article.

December-January 2013
Tommaso Zillio

You might think that the pentatonic scale is just an easy scale but with no depth - well, you are wrong.

August-September 2014
Tommaso Zillio

See how one of the least exciting concepts in music theory can actually help you create awesome licks.

October-November 2014
Tommaso Zillio

How to breathe new life in your licks and prepare for real-life playing at the same time.

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