More than 100

Kevin A. Smith

Six+1 Studios was built as a base for my personal creative expression and has since become a good semi-pro studio. I have engineered many demos for local/ regional acts and artists and am currently sharpening my producing skills and preparing to take on a couple of projects in that capacity.

Marc Rod

The great part of having a home setup is the fact you can sit down and create songs when they hit you.. the bad part is two fold - being a husband/father cuts down on creative time and having musician friends who KNOW you have a setup :-(

Chad D. Austin

Although I love to record, my main shop is writing. My influence page would be like: if Sting met with Led Zeppelin, while having tea with the Beatles, and then went with U2 to meet OLD Van Halen and the Beastie Boys, they would find me as an understudy.

Jim Kenniff

K-Sound is a musician driven studio with over 35 years of professional live and studio experience available. Engineering experience was gained by working as an assistant for top Atlantic engineer in his home studio for several years. K-Sound opened for private use in '94, allowing booking of other artists in 1999.


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