More than 100

Jim Kenniff

K-Sound is a musician driven studio with over 35 years of professional live and studio experience available. Engineering experience was gained by working as an assistant for top Atlantic engineer in his home studio for several years. K-Sound opened for private use in '94, allowing booking of other artists in 1999.

Ian Thompson-Bell

I am primarily an engineer not a musician although a do play a bit of guitar and keyboards. For the last ten years I have worked principally with Bob Wright producing nine albums with a tenth currently in production, see

Beau Hall

My goal is to capture the sound of the 70's and early 80's basic funk acts (without the old keyboards, violins, horn sections, etc.) like Sly, Stevie, Rick James, Prince, etc. We're using the Tascam 688 because that's all we have, and I've used it on our last CD (which sold over 100 copies worldwide online, making the record go uhh, cardboard).

Ron Bass

More for pleasure than business. Began as a demo facility for my songs and others, but most of the operating income is now from making backing track for 'talent show' and 'pageant' types. Also making custom cuts for dance studios.


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