Mike O'Malley

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June-July 2011

Playing with another guitarist can open up a lot of new musical options.

April-May 2011

How about opening your mind and opening yourself up to new styles of music? It can only help your guitar playing and musicianship.

February-March 2011

Internalize what you are learning and use it to develop your own style.

December-January 2010

There are a lot of ways to go about finding your signature tone.

October-November 2010

You can use the Harmonic Minor scale to add exotic twists to your solos.

August-September 2010

These two can be some of the most telling sign if a musician is good or great.

June-July 2010

Solo ideas and strategies that will help you build a memorable solo.

April-May 2010

Don`t let yourself get worse but not trying to get better.

February-March 2010

Inspired by Jeff Beck`s cover of "A Day In The Life"? Learn how you can play more melodically.

December-January 2009

How to get a better handle on the fretboard by concentrating on one string at a time.

October-November 2009

All about combining different techniques into a truly scary lick.

August-September 2009

Don`t stifle your creativity by applying too much theory to the songwriting process.


Mike O'Malley's instrumental power trio is called No Walls and their latest CD is entitled "World Abroad". He has been playing guitar for almost 30 years and graduated from Music Tech in Minneapolis in 1988.

O'Malley currently has 45 guitar students that range in all ability levels and styles.

Mike O'Malley

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