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October-November 2003

Tom Hess takes an original approach to the subject of originality in music.

October-November 2003

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas on how to make progress, real progress, in your abilities.

June-July 2003

Stop pulling out your hair, read the latest gem from Mr. Hess.

October-November 2002

Hard questions to ask yourself before your next recording session begins.

February-March 2002

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess will break you of your tendency to quit.

August-September 2001

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas discusses a controversial topic, is talent born, or made? You decide.

April-May 2001

Playing guitar in a purple haze, with no concept of the real world? Curtis relates his own take on musical devotion.

February-March 2001

Ready to experience horrific encounters with pop culture? Take a ride with Joboj.

October-November 2000

Acoustic, electric, if it`s got six, Steve Booke plays `em. He`s here to reveal the essence of recording legacy.

June-July 2000

Do you wonder if you could ever be as good as your favorite guitar player? Will Landrum is back with good news.

June-July 1999

McAvinchey signs off on the popular series; what will the future bring.

February-March 1999

The odds of doing anything significant in the music business are long from the start, but artists who can't think beyond the short term have it thousands of times harder.

June-July 1998

No man is an island. No indie label is an island either. The importance of cooperation.

April-May 1998

How to keep from destroying your confidence by setting realistic expectations for your recording projects.

April-May 1998

British guitarist David Knopfler recalls the days when the Stratocaster was held in esteem as the instrument of choice--if you could afford one, that is. A tale of how dreams can come true, and how old feelings never quite die.

February-March 1998

British guitarist David Knopfler has a few words to say about the separate lead guitarist vs. rhythm guitarist identities.

August-September 2018

Are you a half-finisher? Always eighty percent complete? How you can finish what ya started.

June-July 2018

Did you ever wonder where confidence comes from? How is it possible to have confidence at times, and suddenly lose confidence at critical moments?

April-May 2018

Sometimes it seems every guitar riff and chord progression has been done to death. How you can avoid the tendency to copy.

August-September 2020

Don't fall into the same old trap of convincing yourself that now is not the time.

August-September 1996

Not quite ready to release that record yet? You may be underestimating yourself.

December-January 1996

How to trigger inspiration by understanding what causes it, and more importantly, what causes it for you.

June-July 1996

An article designed to help you on the road to achieving your dream of completing your first CD release.