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April-May 2021

Who could predict in 1980 that Def Leppard would have a 40+ year career, and that the addition of Collen would make such an impact?

February-March 2021

"Eruption", "Atomic Punk" and a fiery cover of "You Really Got Me" blew us away in 1978.

February-March 2021

How old is too old? The answer may surprise you.

December-January 2020

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page inspired a generation of guitarists.

October-November 2020

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's unique sound.

August-September 2020

Studio wizard Tom Scholz literally altered the trajectory of my life.

August-September 2020

The perils of an out-of-balance guitar practice.

April-May 2019

A collection of quotations to inspire and motivate.

February-March 2019

A list of six refreshing ways you can take care of yourself and get back to writing.

February-March 2019

Showing the benefits of music education, and how it positively impacts the lives of students.

June-July 2017

Tommaso explores the Harry Potter inspired "wizards only" theory of talent,

April-May 2017

Although prolific, these two guitarists were really just culminations of hard work done by many guitarists before them.

April-May 2017

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of your guitar playing greatness is not learning complicated techniques.

February-March 2015

Tom Hess identifies the five keys required for becoming a truly great guitar player.

February-March 2015

Two Reasons Why You Have A Hard Time Expressing Maximum Emotion In Your Guitar Playing

October-November 2014

Before you take another lesson, here are the seven things that your guitar teacher has never told you (that you need to know).

June-July 2014

The most frequent fears possessed by most guitarists and what you must do to overcome them and reach your musical goals.

February-March 2014

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney has advice for artists on ways to cope with the annual holiday seasons.

April-May 2013

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney reminds us the successful artists are out there meeting everyone and working together, the others never leave home.

February-March 2013

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney reminds you to create a newsletter your fans want to read.

December-January 2012

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney discusses the difference was between a victor and victim.

December-January 2017

Anyone (including yourself) can learn to develop creativity by using the proven methods and strategies for reaching this goal.

August-September 2012

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney implores you to keep from throwing away your passion.

August-September 2012

Here you`ll get essential tips to help you achieve the success you are striving for.

April-May 2010

Don`t let yourself get worse but not trying to get better.

October-November 2009

Strategies on how you can start achieving more of the things you desire - today.

June-July 2009

It`s important not to lose your soul in the pursuit of musical expression.

June-July 2009

There is an attitude, or spirit, that is common to most guitarists who have become successful.

October-November 2006

Do you know the difference between an amateur and a professional? Learn the difference between `just playing well` and mastery.

April-May 2006

Motivation. Where did it go? Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney can help you reconnect with your passion.

April-May 2006

Here`s how to spark the inspirational flame, and reignite your inner fire.

February-March 2006

Getting it done? Or wishing you had? Maybe it`s not too late to make your future.

December-January 2005

How will you achieve what you really want (goals) without knowing why you want them, and how you will get there (plans)? Let`s discuss.

June-July 2005

What separates those who do from those who don`t? Here`s how you can succeed where others have failed.

February-March 2005

Drew Vics stresses the importance of a good foundation.

February-March 2005

How limitation can actually be the vehicle that propells one toward their own statement of purpose.

December-January 2004

You`ve had it, you know you have.

August-September 2004

Drew Vics paraphrases the famous Nike slogan and applies it to the six string.

June-July 2004

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess discusses the motivations of a true artist.

December-January 2003

Tom Hess is back with the twenty concepts you need... and the five things to forget.

October-November 2003

Tom Hess takes an original approach to the subject of originality in music.

October-November 2003

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas on how to make progress, real progress, in your abilities.