Joe Bochar

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October-November 2004

Instrumentalist Joe Bochar, AKA Joboj, plants tongue firmly in cheek to help you burn up the fretboard.

December-January 2002

How to get big, fat rhythm guitars even bigger and fatter, and other panning tips.

June-July 2002

Joboj takes you through MIDI drums In 7222 characters or less (give or take).

February-March 2001

Ready to experience horrific encounters with pop culture? Take a ride with Joboj.

December-January 1999

Not just "Orange" barcodes, but real, honest-to-goodness UPCs. Take it from Joe.

April-May 1999

If you thought playing gigs was the only source for good `story material`, wait until you visit Mr. Bochar`s personal lake of fire. Don`t get burned.

April-May 1998

Instrumentalist Joe Bochar serves up a thinly disguised look at chromatics.

Joe Bochar is an original guitarist originally from Rhode Island. When he's not playing with his guitar or Lego's, Joe can be found wandering the streets of Los Angeles, pedaling crack to lonesome, down and out 3-legged mice who suffer from fromagaphobia.

His latest project is "X", a self-produced instrumental guitar CD release.

Joe Bochar

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