Guitar Nine Columns: Songwriting Composition Theory

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April-May 2015
Scott Allen

A guided tour of the 2015 album by the Scott Allen Project.

June-July 2015
Dallas Dwight

Without a strong sense of melody and phrasing your music will never have that magical sense of wonder.

February-March 2016
Tommaso Zillio

Music theory isn;t learning how to write down different notes, or practicing and reciting scales on a guitar. It`s about experiencing the way notes interact and the effect they have on the listener.

April-May 2016
Tommaso Zillio

It isn`t difficult to learn to study theory the correct way. It can actually be easier and more fun than you expect.

August-September 2017
Tommaso Zillio

Tommaso argues these myths are designed to keep your playing stagnant.

August-September 2017
Tommaso Zillio

The basis of all lyric writing - you may know one or two of these, but even then you need to practice the third one.

October-November 2017
Tommaso Zillio

Tommaso maintains the skill of songwriting is developed through years of practice.