Sam Russell

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April-May 2015

UK guitarist Sam Russell shares his personal methods on finding the inspiration to be creative musically and lyrically.

February-March 2015

UK guitarist Sam Russell has some cool ways to spice up both open chords and standard chords with modal notes.

With a decade of playing under his belt, Sam Russell has been pretty busy with his guitar playing. Attending BIMM after university to study music, Sam then went on to study with Tom Hess and Luca Turilli while teaching guitar in West London.

Russell has also been attending workshops with Bumblefoot and Ola Englund and recently played with Steve Vai, as well as releasing three books - Bach's first 3 cello suites for electric guitar (suites 4-6 coming out early 2015).

He has recently published an eBook: "The Ultimate Guide to the Modes of the Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scale", which you can get for free here.

Sam Russell

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