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Downtempo Electronic Guitar Blend

Melbourne, Australia based guitarist Anthony Pell has released his latest work under the project name of Apell. Beaver Street & Beyond is a highly creative and ultra-modern blending of downtempo electronic music with guitars (electric and acoustic) and bass. Apell tosses in samples, drum loops, saxophone and keyboards into the sonic porridge, which is largely instrumental, save for a few vocal tracks and vocal samples. Extended guitar solos... you won't find 'em. Guitar solos... not really. Extensive use of the guitar... um, no. So how could it appeal to the kind of guitar fans who visit Guitar Nine? If you are into the electronic scene you are aware of the among of material recorded without any guitar at all - Beaver Street & Beyond gives you a sense at how forward thinking electronic artists can at least incorporate something a lot more human sounding into their work - congrats to Apell for stepping forward and showing it can be done.

alb Anthony's music career began with piano lessons at school, which then led to him teaching himself guitar and bass. Sax lessons were also taken in high school adding another instrument to list. After school it was off to University to study music and sound engineering while playing guitar in the band Cornucopia that went from progressive rock to funk fusion. After University, several bands beckoned including Grumble (guitar), Sir Hocket (keys) and Bonestring (bass). While playing bass in Bonestring, Apell was created to explore music further electronically. Many styles of music have influenced the Apell sound from classic rock bands like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and King Crimson to newer bands like Radiohead, U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A major electronic influence has been the group Unkle who were formed by DJ Shadow and James Lavelle. This style of guitars and downtempo beats inspired a direction for several Apell tracks.

Contact Information
Anthony Pell
59 Victoria Street
Flemington, Vistoria 3031

E-mail: Apell
Web site: www.apellmusic.com


Croatian Steel-String Fingerstylist

Yes, you read that right... Hal. The artist named Hal. Well his real name is Damir Halilic, but Hal apparently seems to roll off the tongue a little easier. Hal's playing on his latest CD, Infinity is all business - he's a classically trained guitarist who plays in the best American fingerstyle tradition. Rather than populate a CD full of solo instrumental tracks, Hal has chosen to display his prodigious talent in various settings, such as vocal tracks, full band arrangements, and percussive duos, as well as solo guitar. Infinity thus suggests the infinity of a steel string player's expressive potential. The instrumental track "Leo's Dance" (a tribute to Leo Kottke) is a wonderful example of Hal's appetite for creative arrangement, beginning as it does with solo guitar, adding percussion later, and winding up with a full band coda. Hal's dedication to the guitar carries Infinity up to a higher level, one that should be experienced by open minded steel-string fans the world over.

pic Hal's musical beginnings are tied to attendance at the music school in his hometown of Rijeka, where he studied the classical guitar. Aside from playing the guitar, he also played the mandolin in his school band. Later, during his high school, Hal played in many local bands. He spent time in a band called Public, and after that band broke up, Hal composed for the theater plays, worked as a studio musician (his guitar playing can be heard on numerous records released by Croatian mainstream musicians). Hal later opened a guitar school and released his solo album "Ocean". He has performed at Rijeka's National Theatre, with a repertoire that has a unique historical dimension - he plays some classical compositions, blues compositions written at the mouth of the Mississippi in the 1920s, Scott Joplin's ragtime standards, Celtic dances, and even W.A. Mozart, played on electric guitar.

Recently, Hal gave three concerts with the great Tommy Emmanuel. More than two thousand people saw the shows in Rijeka, Pula and Zagreb.

Contact Information
Dancing Bear
Heinzelova 47a
10000 Zagreb

E-mail: Hal
Web site: www.halmusic.info

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